Save for Later

Hey there, I’m Michelle

3 years ago I was getting ready to launch my first Etsy shop with a new baby, busy husband and a full time job.  

I was working in the margins and trying to do ALL THE THINGS with NONE of the time.  

It took me about a year to build momentum but once I got the traffic going, my shop was off and running and I was bringing in $2,000 dollars a month working only 3-4 hours a week.  

And the thing that made the BIGGEST difference?

It wasn’t sharing on social media 3 times a day or manually pinning 10 times a day or “going live” a million times.

? It was having a profitable pricing strategy setup on DAY ONE.  

Without profitable prices, all of the hard work I put in to get people to SEE my work could have turned into a nightmare scenario where I was driving ALLLL the sales I’d been longing for and still had $0 to show for it.  

Instead I built a 5-figure side hustle and I still get excited each time I hear my phone “cha-ching” from a new sale.  

Success like mine doesn’t require magic or a genie who grants 3 wishes ?‍♀️  

It’s simple math and a clear pricing strategy.

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