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Ready to sell digital products on Shopify the easy way?

In this video we’ll walk through my top tips to make selling digital downloads on Shopify super easy for you (and for your customers!) so you can sell more, work less and serve your ideal customer in a low maintenance way in 2021.

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Digital Products on Shopify | The easiest way to sell them in 2020!

Selling digital products can be so appealing – the idea of creating a passive product that you can sell over and over again to create a bigger impact reach more customers all while working less and delivering automatically, what’s not to love?

But it’s important to know there’s no such thing as 100% passive income. Any product you sell is going to take some work somewhere along the line.

At this point I’ve sold somewhere close to a 1,000 digital products from wall art to online courses and I’ve learned a thing or two about how to make them as passive as possible in today’s video i’m going to walk you through my five top tips to make selling digital products easy breezy and close to truly passive if you’re as excited for today’s video as i am don’t forget to subscribe to my channel to make sure you’re first on the list to find out when new videos go live every tuesday before we deep dive into my five top tips i want to take a second just to talk about what a digital download is.

I’m assuming you’re familiar but just in case – a digital download is any kind of product you create once and then you attach it to an email or give it a home somewhere and you send the same product to a customer every time they buy. It’s not a product you make with your hands, it’s not a product you ship to their home.

It could be an ebook, a pdf, a fancy checklist, a full-on course, a wall art print or set of wall art prints – there are so many different kinds of digital downloads you can create and the fact that selling them is mostly passive once you’re done with the creation part makes them really appealing and a really great way to add an extra stream of income to your shop without adding a ton of workload to your plate.

Now that we’re clear on what a digital download is and we have some ideas for what digital downloads to sell, let’s jump into my five top tips tips to help you make the process as passive as possible:

#1 Make sure it is very very clear in your listing that the item is a digital download

You’ll want to include that it’s a digital download in your product title and in the photos you’re taking (if possible) that what you’re selling is a digital download. As much as I would like to tell you that customers are really good at reading the fine print, they’re not.

Think about how often you shop online – do you read every single word on the page? My guess is you don’t unless you’re a super super informed consumer and if you are, you are rare so make sure you’re putting the fact that it’s a digital download in the product title if possible and in multiple places within the product description.

If you can, it’s also great to add some sort of call out on at least one of the product images to give somebody who’s more visual and maybe doesn’t skim through the details on the product listing another indicator that this is a digital download.

Our goal is to try to avoid people looking at your listing, not realizing it’s a digital download, purchasing it and then waiting and waiting and waiting to see a package arrive in the mail that’s not coming because you already shipped them whatever it was they bought – whether it was a wall art print or an ebook – and it’s probably hanging out in their email right now and they just haven’t opened it yet.

So as you’re building out your listing, as you’re taking your product photos, make sure to be thinking about the different places you where you can call attention to the fact that this is a digital download and then maybe add one more 😉

#2 Find a way to add sizing details

This one is especially helpful if what you’re selling is wall art so that might mean laying out a sample picture next to something that your customer might have in their home so they can compare the size. It might mean including a mock-up of like a grown-up holding the book or the wall art print.

Something to help them so they can visualize the true scale of what it is they’re getting and what they’d be able to print if this is, for example, a piece of art they could hang in their room and then print out on their computer. You want it to be really clear what the sizing is so make sure you’re including any of those details in the listing so that it’s super clear for your customers when they’re making decisions about whether or not they’re going to buy next.

#3 Create gorgeous visuals to help your customer “see” your product in their life

It can be really tempting with digital downloads to just include a flat picture of whatever it is you plan to sell. Maybe a screenshot of a couple of pages of the e-book or a flat picture of the wall art print that you’re going to give them, but you need to help your customer really bring it to life. It’s not going to feel very inviting or exciting to just look at a flat pdf style sheet of a picture of a page within your book.

A flat picture, a flat image of an e-book page doesn’t really bring it to life when you can’t touch and feel it and need to find ways to bring your digital product to life so that your customer really understands that while they’re buying something online that’s digital, the item they’re going to download or read from their computer is really going to enhance their life and add a lot of value.

So, how do you do that?

If you’re not familiar, there are these things called mock-ups and they’re really amazing. There are some awesome graphic designers out there and photographers who have taken pictures of actual books, actual wall art hanging on walls and you can drop your image – your book cover, a couple of sample pages, whatever it is – into the mockup and magically your images go from flat and boring to fancy and realy easy for your customer to understand and get excited about.

Same thing goes for online courses. There are mock-ups with computers, iPads, any kind of device that you might look at a course on. If you’ve been to any of my pages for the Launch Your Shop Kit or Pricing for Profitability, you’ve seen one a mockup where I show the different computer screens and the different pieces of the kit and course.

Being able to see it in some sort of physical sense can really help with that and you can find a wide variety on Etsy or Creative Market and likely a variety of other places as well.

#4 Create a really comprehensive list of questions your customer might have and then offer them the answers before they even have a chance to ask

Take a second as you’re building out this product and think about all of the different questions your customers might ask about how to actually use it once they buy it. If it’s an e-book, can you give them tips on how to print it successfully? Or can you walk them through how to open it in adobe pdf?

For you and I, those things might be obvious because we do it all the time, right? This is part of our daily business, But for a customer, this might be the first time they’ve ever had to open a pdf. It might be the first time they’ve ever tried to print an e-book. So really go back to the basics.

What does someone need to know to be able to use whatever it is you’re trying to sell digitally really effectively?

And then there are a couple of different ways you can share that information so depending on the questions you think somebody’s going to ask, it might make a great blog post that you can link to in your product description or you can make it one of the emails you include in your Welcome Series.

Try to answer those questions right up front to show your customers that you really want to make sure that they have a superior experience when they shop with you and make sure that they’re getting all the answers they need quickly to make buying and using your digital download EASY.

The other place you could consider including it if it doesn’t make sense to have a blog post, or maybe you’re just not quite in the mood to write a blog post, is to add those frequently asked questions to your thank you email after they purchase to make sure they understand all the details of their beautiful new product.

You can list out each question individually with the answers below and link them to any resources they might need.

#5 Find a way to automate, automate, automate as much of the process as possible.

The last thing you want to do is create a digital download, sell it, and then find out that you’re constantly having to email customers with a link to download or you’re answering the same questions over and over again. The goal is make this simple and as close to 100% passive as possible so don’t be afraid t oautomate.

Use the emails you’re already sending (like the purchase confirmation or your Welcome Series) to answer frequently asked questions and use an app or a service that automatically delivers your digital download once someone completes their purchase.

Shopify makes that super simple – they have an app that’s called, of all things, Digital Downloads, very clever name, and it’s free to add to your shop. You can just add it from the app store directly and then you’ll be able to link individual listings up to the items that you want your customer to be able to download.

So that’s a super easy way to make sure that the minute somebody makes a purchase within your Shopify store, as long as their payment clears, that digital product will be immediately available for them.

All right so now that we’ve talked through my five top tips for selling digital products with Shopify, have you decided on what you want to sell? Find me on instagram @mandkcollective and let me know in a quick DM or comment below with what you plan to sell.